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Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

Hello reader.

Don't go searching for me in the blurb.

You won't find me there.

So, pull out a chair and tune into what I am saying.

I am a gentleman.

I wake up every day with a set of goals in my mind.

I strive for perfection in accomplishing them.

Anything less is chagrin for me.

Observing people and providing them the best services is my task—No, I am not a stalker.

Till now, no customer had a chance to complain about my services—speaks volumes about my service.

And the best part is I receive payment on the spot—to which I will be forever grateful.

I love meat a lot.

In fact, I only consume meat, which I also share with my friends—you know, Sharing is Caring.

I—hold on a second, I got a task. Hmm...Zone A City 1, Central One state...Hmm...Got it...

Sorry, Chum looks like my time is up.

You know, you are always welcome to visit me in the book, 'The Lone Mystery: who is TUM?'

Here take this address:

See you there!

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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