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Insider Byte 5

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

Got ya.

Woah! Weren't you surprised?

OH! You knew that I was coming?

Man, I rehearsed a lot to surprise you.

It's okay. Don't worry.

I prepared a lot for my intro.

You are going to love it.

My name is Joey Mora.

I hold a graduate degree from the University of Detective Studies.

I work as an Assistant Investigation Officer in the National Detective Agency of Central One.

My interests being spending time with my family and close acquaintances.

I have chosen to become an investigation officer because I can't see people in pain.

My happiness lies with people like you being safe and sound.

People keep telling me that I could become a good mentor or even a life coach.

Interesting, right?

That's a pretty good post-retirement plan.

For now, I am content with what I am doing.

With Crime Control Station not doing the work they are supposed to do, there is always pressure on us here in the NDA.

That really doesn't affect me much as I like working under pressure.

But don't dare to say that loud in front of the Chief as it irks him to no bounds.

Not kidding there.

*Call from the Headquarters*

~Okay. Will get there in half an hour.~

Don't know what's at stake for us.

But I hope it isn't as messy as the previous case.

Anyway, gotta go.

Wait, hold on.

Before I go, what if you accompany me to the headquarters.

It would be a good experience for you to view us in action.

Come on. Let's move.

What are you waiting for? Address?


Hurry up!

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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