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Insider Byte 6

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

Holy shit, What is this report?

25 missing...15 days...20 are middle-aged...?

What's going on?

Man, I could only hope that they are safe.

~Richard, we will go live in 5~

Yes, got it.


"This is Richard from Central News.

As part of the Quick Bulletin, we have a report which concerns everyone.

Mysterious missing cases are being reported in Zone A City 1.

According to the report, 25 people have been abducted in a span of 15 days, of which 20 are middle-aged, and 5 are below 30 years.

Now that the NDA is handling the case, more details might be revealed sooner.

But for now, we urge you to look after yourselves and your closed ones.

Don't roam unnecessarily and get back to your houses as soon as you finish your work."

~And cut...~

~Good job as always, Richard.~

I have a bad feeling about this.

I don't know the reason why.

~Don't worry. We have the NDA, working on the case. Things will be fine.~

Let's hope so.

~Are you gonna come?

We are already late for breakfast.~

Yeah. I will be there in 5.

~You are new here. Do you know the way?~

I have this right. I won't be lost.

Let's see...Got it...

I have to remember this.

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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