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Insider Bytes Special


I was awaiting your arrival.

You may doubt who I am.

It is a reasonable one, as the bytes ended sometime back.

Don't fret much. You will know soon.

I am the creator of my own world.

No judgments. No complaints.

I relish studying people.

Their personalities, situational reactions intrigues me.

I like to be in the shoes of other people.

In fact, that's what I do daily.

My people sometimes refer to me as, 'The Mind of the Minds.'

It's an interesting entitle.

I believe in pain.

The more one struggles, the more one toughens.

My people endure this on a regular basis.

Still, they love me because I breathed life into them.

As the creator, balancing the world is my responsibility.

My role is to make people realize their purpose.

As the father figure, I indulge in seeing them grow.

The world has just unveiled.

Come. Join me in welcoming my people to their world.

You don't need to leave your body to enter.

Just have a conscious mind and leave the rest to my world.

Your mind already knows the entrance.

Use the below key to open it.

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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