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How I wrote the story?

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

It's all digital these days, even writing.

With just a doc editor, one can add his/her imagination to create a powerful story.

That's what I did too.

I have channeled all my passion into the fingers and, with an everlasting spirit, weaved a script that reveled in the harmonical chorus formed through the facile keystrokes.

As 'The Lone Mystery' is the first book I have ever penned, I did have to research some of the aspects I didn't know.

The creation of the fictional nation and the job profiles that have to be as realistic as possible did take a considerable amount of study.

When I addressed the nation, you must have thought of the characters in the book.

Creating different personality traits for various characters is, in itself, a big task.

If you add constraints like making characters believable and creating distinct character voices, the task only gets bigger.

These are the challenges that ought to be faced by any writer.

To overcome, all I did was to get into the shoes of each and every character and think like them.

This way, I can be as true as possible to the character's image I had in my mind.

What makes the character great is his/her motive.

The motive can be good/bad, but it has to be strong.

With strong characters come the situations that envelop them.

Situations drive characters to take certain steps that may or may not assist them in reaching their goals.

That's the motto I have held for the book.

In a detective crime thriller, the situations should be logical and mysterious in order to raise curiosity.

These ideal situations push the characters' backs to the wall.

As the story doesn't have enough time to wait, I had to make the narration fast-paced.

This feature is crucial to the story because it tells how imperfect people struggle to become perfect under adverse situations.

The writing phase of any book is the most enjoyable one as it only takes your imagination to fill the story with breath-taking or tear-jerking moments.

The real struggle comes next.

To know about this, check out the next installment in 'How I?'

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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