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How I got the idea?

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

I have always had this desire to write a book since college days.

Initially, I planned to write a romance novel that was close to my heart.

But as things would have it, that never saw the daylight.

After going through a real bad phase in my life, I have got a new companion in the form of anime.

The anime really helped me to get through that phase, to which I am forever grateful.

At that time, I have realized what my passion was.

It's to tell good stories which people and I enjoy.

It is, in a way, a token of gratitude for anime that I love.

I have watched anime shows like Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and much more.

I have explored different genres just like you do when you want to watch a movie.

Inspired by the stories I watched, countless ideas began to form in my mind.

'The Lone Mystery', novella series, is one of them.

To test my writing skills, I have chosen to write this detective crime thriller.

That's how I got the idea for the story.

To know more about the writing phase of the book, check out the second installment of 'How I?'

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

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