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Why Anime is not a Cartoon Show!

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Disclaimer: It's not just my opinion, it is a fact!

People consume entertainment through different forms of media. Some love binge-watching TV/web series & some movies.

And now introducing Anime: It is a hand-drawn or computer-animated show originating from Japan. It has a wide range of genres drenching the thirst of different age groups of people. Generally, they are adaptations of manga. Manga is a comic book version that depicts characters of a story and surroundings through drawings.

It is easy to understand right? A book and its adaptation series/movie. But some people clearly don't understand this. They think of Anime as a Cartoon. Now, what is a Cartoon? A cartoon is a form of animation intended for children, not for all age groups.

Anime is popular not only in Japan but also in Western Countries. Slowly it is getting popular in India. If you go around and ask anyone whether they know about Anime, most of them would tell they don't know about it but don't ever go explain this beautiful form as a Cartoon.

Anime is not the same as Chota Bheem or Motu Patlu, it's intended for all age groups which means there are a lot of options. If you have only watched Doraemon & Pokemon ( no disrespect to these shows ) and are judging the whole Anime that it is meant for children then I am sorry to tell you this, you are absolutely freakishly wrong.

Fun fact : Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, bigger than Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are some shows which are made by keeping children in mind but doesn't mean it is only for children. Do you know about "The Grave of the Fireflies" movie which was made on the theme of the post era of then concluded World War 2. It depicts the suffering and pain of the people just like any other movie.

There is "Death Note" which has elements like violence, suspense, and thrill. Clearly, there is diversity! The people who love Anime can be termed as Anime Enthusiastic or otaku or weeb depending on how much they are into Anime.

So take a chill pill and stream anime as much as you want to understand its true essence and never ever call it a Cartoon again.

Interested in watching Anime but not sure where to start? Don't worry here's the recommendations list of 10 anime shows across genres to watch!

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