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What are we to the Universe?

Image © 2020 Dreamy Written Productions

We all think we are important to this world and in turn to the universe. But is that really true?

Just think if a giant meteor didn't strike the earth during the Mesozoic era? What would have happened to us? We couldn't have been evolved as a species just because of that single event.

Scary, right?

We all think of ourselves very highly as a species because we are at the top of the food chain in the ecosystem. But what does the world say about it?

The world will move on more than just about fine without us species being here. We are not that much important as a species as we think because some other species may take over us in the future as seen in nature from time to time. If not, without us; without any life; the world will move on, the universe will move on.

Yet we try to study the universe with our subjective minds.

Imagine trying to understand the speech of a dog with our human dialect? Nope, you can't do it that way.

After conquering the Earth, our eyes seek answers for our existence in a bid to understand the universe itself.

For thinking of finding other species outside our planet, we need to come out of our bubble first.

Life may form differently in other parts of the universe which we don't know. There can be life forms based on silicon instead of the basic building block of our lives, carbon.

Like we think about finding other species, they might also have tried to find us.

We don't know or we won't even get to know.

For us, humans to be considered as important in this universe, whatever things we achieved or will achieve in the future will pale in comparison to this vast universe but still, we try to explore.

Because of this hunger, we have come this far. Yet this might not be enough to explore each and every nook of the universe.

But still, we tried, are trying, and will try to explore everything about the universe.

There lies the beauty of the universe. Seems so near yet so far...


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