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Let's start the topic with a meaningful quotation,

“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost“ - J.R.R Tolkien.

By now, you might (or should) have understood the topic I am about to blog about (or is it?)

Traveling, in a sense, is the core of our evolution. But do you know enough about traveling?

Let's start with the basics: WHAT, WHY & HOW FAR?



Moving from one place to anotherthat's not it, right?—through means of transportationis it enough though?—with a definite or an indefinite roadmaphmm, we are reaching somewhere—with some meaningful experience in betweennow it's got some meaning (pun intended).

How poetic! Next time you plan to travel, think twice whether you are traveling or roaming!

Jokes aside, I seriously want to know your travel plans/experiences. How can I know?well, there's a comment section for this reason.

Moving on...



A curiosity of what lies aheadreally?—A desire to explore—oh!—To get the adrenaline of learning something new—okay—for the adventurousness sense—I am not confused, are you?

Wow! I didn't realize traveling requires this serious energy.

Okay moving on—Nope, before we move on, have you shared your travel plans/experiences?—No! Go ahead and do it now!

Now moving on...I hope you have more energy to spare.



Some common answers include Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, and the list goes on...

But where are these located? Yes, you know the answer!

But are we just limited to earth? Obviously no, we have our own natural satellite to count too.

We traveled to the moon in 1969. What else is awaiting? Our brotherNo, Earth's brother.

We are all set to reach the MARS in the 2030s. Okay, what's next?

Well, there's a lot more left begging to be explored!

What are they?

  • Solar System

  • Solar Interstellar Neighborhood

  • Interstellar Neighborhood

  • Milky Way Galaxy

  • Local Galactic Group

  • Virgo Supercluster

  • Laniakea Supercluster

  • Observable Universe

So, why are we here? What is the purpose of our lives?seems like we got our next topic 😉.

The questions you know, the answers we don't.

Whatever it is, we have to travel more to learn more about ourselves and the universe we live in.

Until next time, it's V! signing off!—WAIT! Have you posted your travel plans/experiences? Did you?


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1 Comment

Render Web
Render Web
Oct 30, 2020

Amazing article... I love to travel...

Your way of writing is awesome...

Thanks and regards,

Midul Goswami

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