The day I went to college for my bag

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That day I woke up, as usual, to get ready for college, completely unready for the ridiculous journey I was going to witness.

Looking straight into the mirror, I took my own sweet time readying myself to look as perfect as ever.

Packing my lunch into the backpack, I swiftly went to the bus stop wearing it. Being the first person to board the college bus, I have to reach on time.

Greeting the driver, I took the shotgun seat next to him just to avoid overcrowding of the bus.

Dropping the bag behind my seat, just when I was about to enter that comfort posture, we reached the next stop in the journey.

Not seeing anyone at the stop, I checked my watch to see if we have arrived early which turned out to be true.

Eyes piercing through the glass window, we scanned for any known faces approaching the footsteps of the bus.

To our dismay, we didn't spot anyone.

Thinking whether to wait for some time or to continue ahead with the journey, the driver looked visibly anxious.

Tilting my head to rest on the window, my eyes were constantly switching between capturing his longing expressions and trying to spot the familiar faces in the crowd.

Eager to take a call on this, he called out to me and asked whether I could check out for people on the other side of the road.

Typically to reach our college, there are routes allocated for the buses to cover. There is a nearby stop which is covered by another bus.

Crossing the two-lane road, I reached that stop and looked for people who might be waiting there thinking that they had missed the original bus.

To my surprise, I didn't notice them.

The stop was full of people who were waiting for their designated bus.

Just to confirm, I approached one of the people and asked whether anyone from our stop came there to which I got no as an answer.

Fidgeting, I turned around to catch my bus and tell the same to the driver.

To my utter dismay, I saw the bus moving ahead, slowly picking up speed to continue with the rest of the journey.

Though initially shocked, I calmed my nerves saying to myself that he might have gone ahead to avoid the usual traffic and be waiting at a further spot.

I quickly crossed the road to check for the bus that was probably waiting for me.

Nah, you have guessed correctly.

I didn't sight the bus.

Slightly dejected and feeling deceived, I tried to cross the road again in hope of boarding the other bus.

But as luck would have it, the bus arrived, picked up the waiting passengers, and left the stop in a flash right in front of my eyes.

Not knowing how to react, I was dumbstruck by the turn of events.

After the shock subsided, though a bit furious, I took the decision to return home as traveling to the college by bike wasn't allowed, and availing the public transport was such a pain in the arse.

Subconsciously trying to feel the shoulder straps of the bag, I continued walking in a bid to reach home and call it a day.

But something felt off, I couldn't sense my backpack. I put my hands hurriedly on my back to check.

Yes, you are right. I left my bag on the bus and stepped out.

I couldn't leave my bag alone and go home as it contained important documents of mine disregarding the books.

Feeling agitated, I cursed fate murmuring why such things happen to me only.

Taking a 180-degree turn, I reached the same stopwhere the whole story beganto avail public transport.

Thinking if I had enough money in my purse, I tried looking for it in my pockets.

I searched again but to no avail. I had left my purse in the bag itself.

Sighing, I was about to curse fate again but sensed some papery stuff deep into the pocket.

I took it out to see what it is, and on closer inspection, I figured it was a folded paper currency worth 50 rupees (0.68 dollars).

But I didn't know if it was enough.

Scanning for people, I finally approached an elderly man and asked him the directions to my destination with the money in-hand.